Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie Review: "The Heart of the Game"

Four thumbs up.  The plot twists are unbelievable, except it's a documentary, and real life is sometimes like that.  The film follows the coach and players of a Seattle high school girls basketball team for six seasons.  Heart-warming but not sappy, thought-provoking but not polemical.  Get it, watch it, you'll be glad you did.

Documentaries that span long time periods always make me wonder about the world of film-makers.  When they start, they have no idea that the process will go on for years.  For every one of these multi-year documentaries that go where no one could have seen, there must be many more that just start and stop, and maybe turn into some short documentary.

It reminds me of two other multi-year documentaries that you should watch:

"The Congregation", about a new minister in a Methodist church.  Events go places no one could have expected.  (

"Preacher's Sons", about the Unitarian minister Greg Stewart, his partner, and their five adopted sons.  (

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  1. I really liked The Heart of the Game, too.
    I'll check out the others.