Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just Asking...

About the story in the UU World about "Fair Share" giving [1].

Part of the article discusses a "unified ask" - all the congregational money going directly to the UUA instead of UUA and Disticts. The discussion mentions "congregational and district leaders," but in support of the argument, Teresa Cooley references "a poll conducted by the UU Ministers Association [where] 70 percent of ministers said they wanted to move toward a unified ask."

For the most part, congregations have no knowledge of the changes happening in the UUA.  I think "congregational leaders" are being conflated with "the ministers." I think that currently all the District Executives (who, following the cite of ministers, might be the "district leaders" being mentioned) are also ministers.

The ministers are not the ones who pay the bills.

Kind of like taking a survey of the teenagers to see how much and who the family should pay for cable and phone.

[1] UU World, Board of Trustees hears report on ‘fair share’ giving.


  1. Tom,

    Your post is rather insulting to most of the ministers I know. As their minister I gave $4000 to my church last year and $3200 to my wife's church. Please do not pollute the web with these lies. I am in the top 3% of donors at my congregation and the top 10% at my wife's. Don't know what ministers you know, but all the ones I know pledge and give generously. My wife and I tithe more than 10% of our combined income. You should try it sometime. It feels good to simply have trust and give to what you love.

  2. "It feels good to simply have trust and give to what you love."

    LOL! I wonder how much of the ever so trusting Rev. Sparky's donation to the UUA went to pay the legal bills of the UUA's attorneys for their services in the ongoing cover-up and denial of UU clergy abuse?